Welcome to TY’s Labrador Retrievers

FCI registered Labrador Kennel since 2013
I’m breeding under the requirements of the Deutschen Retriever Club e.V. that is a member of VDH and JGHV and that is recognized from the FCI. TreasureYarden’s is more of a small kennel with one litter every two years. However, I plan each of my litter in such a way that I would keep a puppy myself at any time.
The D-Litter is planned for Autumn/Winter 2022!


Akoya aus der Perlenbank


DOB: 12.09.2010
dog: Int. FTCh Levenghyl Mountain
bitch: Alica von Haidenhof
Breeder: Frank Nusser


TreasureYarden’s A.J. Gemstone

DOB: 26.08.2014
dog: FTCh Whitesmiths Widgeon
bitch: Akoya aus der Perlenbank
Breeder: Tanja Gewies


TreasureYarden’s Black Swift

DOB: 26.06.2016
dog: FTCh Waysgreen Barracuda
bitch: Akoya aus der Perlenbank
Breeder: Tanja Gewies


ArdentZeal Blaze

DOB: 11.07.2020
dog: FTCh Nettle Brae Andy of Fendawood
bitch: Manormynd Zagato
Breeder: Jasmin & Frank Groner