Studdog (Sunny)

One of the dogs I had look at in the UK in July was FTW Castlemans Sonoran from Philippa Williams (Castlemans Gundogs).

I became aware of Sunny much earlier and could already imagine a litter with him and Gem. I really like that almost all of its siblings are HD/ED evaluated. Otherwise, I didn’t notice anything negative in terms of health and as I find him extremely appealing, I really had to take a look at him. I do not regret it 🙂

In the end I chose him as a stud dog for the D-litter.

Sunny is a male with strong build, he is very outgoing and has a stylish working style.
His work successes are also impressive:
2nd – (Novice), Golden Retriever Club of Northumberland – Chopgate 9th September 2015
COM – Yorkshire Gundogs – 25th September 2015
3rd – Midland Counties Field Trial Society 20th January 2016
COM – Labrador Gundog Society – 25th January 2016
3rd – NGRA Broughton LIncs – 19th September 2016
3rd – Yorkhshire Retriever Gundog Club – Everingham 30th September 2016
1st – MGS Packington 12th December 2016
2 x 4th in 2019 Season

His father FTW Brockweir Blitz Of Smithsteads had some very successful offspring, especially in Sunny’s litter (NOJCH Castlemans Syrian, FTCh Castlemans Gobi of Garronpoint, FTAW Castlemans Mirage, FTAW Castlemans Oasis Of Smithsteads). Another well-known name is one of his sons FTCh Ferbury Lancelot Of Smithsteads.

Sunny’s mother FTCh Tweedshot Thistle of Levenghyl (Mango) also belonged to Philippa and was a very successful bitch who qualified several times for the IGL Retriever Championship.
Philippa about Mango: “She was the most exciting bitch I have ever run. She was very focused, full on and punchy when working but so easy when not. She was very connected and a delight to handle, had a lot on natural ability, she loved life and was always happy.”

About Sunny Philippa wrote:
Sunny is a son of Mango, and Sunny by name, Sunny by nature, he is one of the kindest, most gentle and best looking dogs I have bred in a long time. Like the rest of his litter he is so very quick to learn with a great sense of fun.
He is a very kind biddable dog who loves to work and is more than happy to take on difficult terrain and is not put off by thick cover. He is also very trusting with good drive and happy to give his all. I didn’t trial him much as I was campaigning my young Golden at the time. Sunny is wonderful with children, people and other dogs.

There are only yellow puppies expected in our D-litter. I’m really looking forward to the fact, that after 4 years hopefully there will be little pups here again 🥰

Some pictures of Sunny

Overview Sunny’s Offspring (11/2022)

Estimated Breeding Value (KC)


D-Litter: Genetic facts from the K9-Database
10-generation COI    4.48% (✓ less than breed average of 6.60%)
12-generation COI    6.99%

Top 5 ancestors contributing to COI, in order of influence:
FTCh Swinbrook Tan 1.14%
NORD JCH FTCH Tasco Brimstone 0.84%
FTCh Craighorn Bracken 0.63%
FTCh Palgrave Edward 0.58%
FTCh Pocklea Remus 0.49%