About me


As far as I can remember I’m very fond of animals, above all dogs I loved most. I always had the dream to have a pack of dogs, to take it exactly, I’m living my dream 🙂
I grew up in a small village in Lower Bavaria, where I’ve been living again since 2011. I have there optimal conditions, with a house and a large garden.

After some time without a dog during my studies, my living conditions had finally developed in 2010 in such a way that I was able to add a dog to my life again.


In November 2010 the time had come – Yumi aka. Akoya aus der Perlenbank, a black labi bitch out of working lines came to me and enchances my life since then.
With her I got an insight to the dummy and also the hunting work and I still do this with a lot of enthusiasm. If you see the passion and joy of the dogs when they are allowed to work, you can’t help but fulfill their wish. This not only makes the dog happy but also the handler.

In 2012 the desire to go into breeding with Yumi slowly developed. I had no intention of breeding since then, but I think her working abilities, her wonderful nature and her ease of handling are an asset to any Labrador from working lines. I really see a lot of Yumi in her offspring, that makes me very happy.

I now have the pack of dogs I’ve always dreamed of, I couldn’t imagine life without them any more!!

The Kennel “TreasureYarden’s” was founded in 2013. Although this name is originated in my imagination, it has a background, too. It is recorded from my hometown “Schatzhofen”.

Schatz => treasure
(Gerichts)Hof => yard
en => en

Schatzhofen in March 2013
Schatzhofen im März 2013

For me, breeding means to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of my bitch as well as possible in order to achieve the best potential for the offspring in connection with a suitable dog!

My dogs are out of FT lines. Because of that, I attach particular importance to working on game and/or dummy with my breeding bitches and the selected males. For myself I like easy-going, cooperative dogs that can still work independently if required.

I’m planning each of my litters in such a way that I would keep a puppy myself at any time.

FT-labradors are excellent family dogs, but they need regular work to keep balanced. For that reason i won´t deliver puppies as simply familydogs. I wish for my puppies that they are employed in their new home in a species-appropriate manner and that the facilities are encouraged accordingly. This can be done e.g. in the dummy or rescue dog area, with mantrails or in a hunting activity.

In addition, it is extremely important for the maintenance of health to have the young dog examined for HD and ED between the ages of 1 and 1.5 years. For a breeder this is the only possibility to get a feedback about the mating but only if a radiograph from as much as possible dogs of the litter is made. And for the owner its good to know if he has a healthy dog or not at the same time.

Those little puppies are well shepherd from me during the first 8 weeks of their lifes, so i take them to my heart completely, because of this it really would be nice if we can stay in touch together. I´m very interested in their further lifes and it would be perfect if you as puppy buyer could keep me informed about the upgrowth of your puppy. Of course I will be there for you to help with words and deeds if there will be any questions or upcoming trouble.

Please contact me (per email, facebook or telephone) if you are interested in one of my puppies, I´m looking forward to meet you!
Tel: +49(0)8708/3089987 oder Handy +49(0)15153797992
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