13.10.2022 Haru is in heat since today
19.10.2022 7th day: Progesterone test (evening), value at 0.43 ng/mL
23.10.2022 11th day: Progesterone test (midday), value at 6.16 ng/mL
24./25.10.2022 12./13. Tag: Haru is been mated to Sunny
06.11.2022 2nd week 13th day
Haru is currently very hungry, I actually don’t know that about her. This morning she felt sick and around midday her breakfast came out again. Is that a good sign? Normally she would never eat her own vomit again, but currently her appetite is so great that she has tried it with sharp teeth. She just got some fresh food again 😉
18.11.2022 4th week 25th day
Ultrasound appointment: Haru is expecting puppies 😀

waist: 57cm, weight: 25,4kg
20.11.2022 27th day
The whelping box has already been set up, even if there are still a few weeks until the birth 🙂
23.11.2022 5th week 30th day
waist: 58cm, weight: 25,6kg
26.11.2022 33th day
Today I screwed the two puppy toilets together. I won’t set it up properly and fill it until the minis go outside from their whelping box 😉 Haru is now getting some puppy food mixed in with her normal food so that she can get used to it.
30.11.2022 6th week 37th day
waist: 65cm, weight: 27,2kg
07.12.2022 7th week 44th day
waist: 70cm, weight: 28,9kg
10.12.2022 47th day
Today I could feel movements for the first time, the little ones punching through the abdominal wall
14.12.2022 8th week 51th day
waist: 74cm, weight: 29,9kg

We were having an x-ray today, Haru is hiding 5 little minis in her tummy
17.12.2022 54th day
Party time in Haru’s tummy. Looks like the minis want out 😉
19.12.2022 9th week 56th day
waist: 78cm, weight: 30,8kg

Increase (day25-56): +21cm / +5,4kg
On 24.12.2022 our D litter is born – 5 puppies, 1 bitch (including 1 stillbirth), 4 dogs