21.09.2018 swab sample positive, it starts 🙂
23.09.2018 since today, the dark red blood stains on the floor can no longer be overlooked
01.10.2018 11th day: Progesterone test (mornings), value at 2.1 ng/mL
02.10.2018 12th day: Progesterone test (afternoon), value at 2.88 ng/mL
04.10.2018 14th day: Progesterone test (mornings), value at 7.44 ng/mL
06.10.2018 16th day: Gem is covered by Smoke
Sperm travels outside the uterine lining.
  1st week
Sperm reaches the fallopian tubes, which contain mature eggs.
Fertilization of the eggs (in the fallopian tubes).
The fertilized eggs travel to the cervix.
  2nd week
The eggs develop into blastocytes.
15.10.2018 9th day
1st Herpes vaccination
The embryos reach the uterus.
  3rd week
The bitch may be suffering from morning sickness due to hormonal changes or tension in the uterus. Feed small meals several times a day to help with morning sickness. If morning sickness persists, the vet may prescribe a medication to soothe the uterus. Some bitches don’t eat anything or at least very little for a few days after the 20th day. As a rule, their eating behavior levels off again afterwards. Many female dogs are particularly affectionate now.
On the 19th day, the germinal vesicles (so-called blastocytes) settle in the uterine wall. These form embryonic vesicles. From the 21st day onwards, many dogs secrete viscous, clear mucus. This is the clearest sign that the mating has worked.
21.10.2018 15th day
23.10.2018 17th day
  4th week
On day 22 the embryos are visible. The heartbeat can be used to diagnose pregnancy. Strenuous activities should now be avoided. The protein intake in the feed can be increased. Giving puppy food is very suitable for this. At this point, an ultrasound scan can be used to determine the condition of the pregnancy.
26.10.2018 20th day
The eyes and the nerve cords in the spinal cord are formed. Organ formation begins. In their current state, the embryos are at high risk of defects. Teat development begins.
This is the best time to diagnose pregnancy by heartbeat. The embryos are somewhat walnut-sized and are evenly distributed throughout the uterus.
31.10.2018 25th day

Ultrasound appointment: Puppy alert! 😀

waist: 54cm, weight: 23,1kg
  5th week
The bitch stops tucking her legs because the weight increases and the puppies turn. The swelling of the female pubic area becomes more noticeable. Please pay attention to the dog’s weight and do not overfeed. Heartbeat is no longer useful as a diagnostic method due to increasing fluid in the uterus.
02.11.2018 Toes, whiskers and claws begin to develop.
05.11.2018 30th day
waist: 58cm, weight: 24,0kg
08.11.2018 The development of the organs is complete. The fetuses now look like dogs. Head and torso are distinguishable. The gender can be determined. The coat color begins to develop. The heartbeat of the fetuses can be heard using a stetoscope. The bitch’s teats become darker and swell.
  6th week
Familiarize the dog with the puppy box. Let her sleep there. Increase the number of meals and keep an eye on her weight.
12.11.2018 37th day
waist: 66cm, weight: 25,2kg
14.11.2018 39th day
  7th week
The dog should no longer play rough games or jump with other dogs. The number and size of the dogs can be determined using an x-ray.
18.11.2018 The bones strengthen. The puppies can now be easily felt under the abdominal wall but are still difficult to count. The hair on the dog’s stomach is falling out.
19.11.2018 44th day
waist: 71cm, weight: 27,0kg

The minis’ first movements can now be felt under the abdominal wall and if you look really closely, you can even see them
23.11.2018 Feed several smaller meals a day as the tummy is cramped. The movement of the puppies in the womb can be easily recognized by carefully placing the flat of your hand on the dog’s stomach. She has to be completely relaxed to do this.
  8th week
The dog is less hungry, which is caused by the lack of space in the stomach. Inform your veterinarian about the expected time of birth and discuss possible problems. Gather the supplies for the birth and prepare everything.
26.11.2018 51st day
2nd Herpes vaccination
waist: 78cm, weight: 28,9kg

In addition to the herpes vaccination, we also had an X-ray today 🙂
27.11.2018 52nd day
  9th week
The dog may no longer have an appetite as the time of birth approaches.
01.12.2018 56th day
waist: 81cm, weight: 30,3kg

Increase (day25-56): +27cm / +7,2kg
The dog becomes restless and begins to exhibit ‘nesting’ behavior.
04.12.2018 Now measure the dog’s temperature in the morning and evening. The normal temperature varies between 37.5 and 39.4 degrees Celsius depending on the breed and age of the dog. Because of the wide range of fluctuations, it is important to know the normal body temperature (measurements in the 7th week). If the temperature drops by approximately 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius, the puppies will be born within the next 6-24 hours.
05.12.2018 60th day
The dog may appear unhappy, restless, pacing back and forth, and obviously uncomfortable. White vaginal fluid may be released.
06.12.2018 61st day
Der vorausberechnete Tag der Geburt. Viele Hündinnen werfen zwischen dem 58. und 63. Tag. Einige lassen sich auch bis zum 66. Tag Zeit. Beobachten Sie Ihre Hündin vor allem bei Verspätungen sehr genau. Übelriechender, dunkler Ausfluss ist ein Alarmzeichen, sofort den Tierarzt aufzusuchen. Spätestens am 66. Tag muss ohnehin ein Tierarzt konsultiert werden.
On 05.12.2018 our C litter is born – 7 puppies, 2 bitches (1 yellow, 1 black), 5 dogs (1 yellow, 4 black)

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