Puppy diary

Tuesday 04.12.2018

In the afternoon at around 4 p.m. Gem begins to feel restless and panting; the opening phase has begun.


Wednesday 05.12.2018

At 0:25 the first puppy (a fat yellow blob) is born. Then we continue at a nice but not too fast pace until puppy number 7 is the last to see the light of day at 4:40.


Thursday 06.12.2018

Gem is a wonderful mom, it’s really amazing how she pushes the puppies out from under her every time she goes into the whelping box. Simply beautiful to look at!! The puppies all seem content and happy. Things can continue to be this uncomplicated for the next few weeks πŸ™‚


Saturday 08.12.2018

The minis at the milk bar.


Sunday 16.12.2018

Today on day 11 all 7 pups have doubled their birth weight. Yesterday they were dewormed for the first time and everyone got through that well πŸ™‚


Monday 17.12.2018

The minis’ first steps.


Thursday 20.12.2018

As of today everyone has opened their eyes and is already reacting to noises. It’s very cute when they prick up their ears and try to locate where the sound is coming from πŸ˜€


Saturday 22.12.2018

On day 17 we had the second worming treatment and the first tartar meal in the evening. All 7 pups were completely thrilled!


Tuesday 25.12.2018

The minis can really fight with each other πŸ˜‰


Friday 28.12.2018

The 7 dwarves have now taken over the dog room; the whelping box has simply become too small for them. You want to discover the world!


Saturday 29.12.2018

Mister Brown


Sunday 30.12.2018

Mister Light Green


Monday 31.12.2018

The slurping of goat’s milk is now working very well! πŸ™‚


Tuesday 01.01.2019

Miss Red in a playful mood


Friday 04.01.2019

Mister Green


Monday 07.01.2019

The expanded indoor run has already been installed today. The dwarves will be able to explore this in the next few days πŸ™‚ There is also now an outside run, which can later be reached through the dog flap from the whelping room. Exciting things awaiting the C’s!!


Wednesday 09.01.2019

It’s unbelievable that the dwarves are already 5 weeks old. The extended inner spout is now put to good use!


Thursday 10.01.2019

And the minis were also able to get to know the snow. As soon as the weather permits, they are now outside for minutes at a time.


Monday 14.01.2019

The snow has almost melted now and the little C’s were able to look at the large garden. They really liked it! However, it is so windy that you can’t stay here for long.


Wednesday 16.01.2019

As of today, the dog flap for the outdoor run is open. The little ones haven’t quite figured it out yet, but they’ve all been “pushed” through the hatch. We still had to help a little πŸ˜‰


Thursday 17.01.2019

Today standing photos were taken of the 7 dwarves! Can already be seen πŸ™‚


Friday 18.01.2019

Earlier the C’s went driving for the first time and were allowed to take a little detour into the forest. They found them very exciting πŸ˜‰ It snowed a little bit overnight, and another game video was made this morning. They are all very agile!!


Wednesday 23.01.2019

Today the C’s are already 7 weeks old, now the official names have been decided πŸ™‚ Like every litter, there is a short video in which each of the puppies is briefly introduced from birth to 8 weeks.


Friday 25.01.2019

Today was the last worm treatment for the 7 dwarves, they will soon get to know the big world.


Monday 28.01.2019

Today we were in Germering with Dr. Trombach for chipping and vaccination. The minis survived the journey very well, they didn’t notice any chipping or vaccinations at all. Well, if you have a liverwurst tube in front of your nose, you as Labi won’t be able to notice it anyway πŸ˜‰


Tuesday 29.01.2019

Today Bianca Kiermeier visited us to check the litter. Of course the C’s showed their best side πŸ™‚ With the boys everything is where it should be and we also received a nice description
“Relaxed mother dog in good condition, trusting and calm puppies who enjoy loving rearing” β™‘β™‘


Wednesday 30.01.2019

And then all of a sudden it happens in quick succession… the first 4 were picked up today.

The first to leave us was TreasureYarden’s Caper (Caper), he started his journey to Ellwangen. All the best little man!! There weren’t many of the curls he had at birth left, you could only see them clearly on his ears.

The next two started their journey to Berlin together. Leroy can now live with Aunt Ziva and Amy and little Bliss with Jeannie, I wish you all the best!
TreasureYarden’s Curry (Leroy)

TreasureYarden’s Clary (Bliss)

And shortly afterwards TreasureYarden’s Chives (Solo), too began his journey into a new life. From now on he can turn BruchkΓΆbel upside down with Aunt Ruby and Joker πŸ˜‰

Afterwards it was really eerily quiet, you just have to get used to it again…


Thursday 31.01.2019

Next was TreasureYarden’s Cinnamon (Blue). I also think the story about his nickname is very nice, because his new owners wanted their puppy to have the name “Blue” as his nickname, regardless of his marking color (which was blue). All the funnier that it turned out to be Mr. Blue πŸ˜‰ All the best with the little darling!!


Tuesday 05.02.2019

The last of the gang TreasureYarden’s Cudweed (Clooney) was picked up today. He will now turn Austria upside down πŸ™‚ His owner Caro has in mind to get his hunting license, let’s see what other exciting things will happen to Clooney. Have a lot of fun together!