09.04.2016 first pink discharge, it will probably start soon (4 weeks earlier than expected)
11.04.2016 first real blood, Yumi is in heat
13.04.2016 bacteriological examination
18.04.2016 8th day: Progesterone test (mornings), value at <0.6 nmol/L
20.04.2016 10th day: Progesterone test (mornings), value at <0.6 nmol/L
22.04.2016 12th day: Progesterone test (mornings), value at 0.8 nmol/L – es dauert…
25.04.2016 15th day: Progesterone test (mornings), value at 7.31 nmol/L
27./28.04.2016 17th/18th day: Yumi is been mated to Ross
07.05.2016 1st Herpes vaccination
23.05.2016 Ultrasound appointment: We are expecting puppies! 😀
4th week (25th day)
waist: 61cm, weight: 25,3kg
27.05.2016 5th week (29th day)
waist: 62cm, weight: 25,5kg
02.06.2016 6th week (35th day)
waist: 63cm, weight: 26kg
09.06.2016 7th week (42th day)
waist: 70cm, weight: 27,3kg
12.06.2016 45th day: Today the minis were felt for the first time, each time a small miracle!
16.06.2016 8th week (49th day)
waist: 75cm, weight: 29,5kg
20.06.2016 2nd Herpes vaccination
X-ray appointment – how many spinal columns do you count?? I’m sure to see 5 and who knows if anything else hiding there 🙂

Yumi has gained another kilo (on the vet’s scales) and now weights 30,5kg
23.06.2016 9th week (56th day)
waist: 83cm, weight: 32kg

Increase (day25-56): +22cm / +6,7kg
On 26.06.2016 our B litter is born – 5 pups, 2 bitches (including 1 stillbirth), 3 dogs