Puppy diary

Sunday 26.06.2016

Yumi woke me up twice from Saturday to Sunday night because she had to go out and was just restless overall, which is something I don’t know from her. During the day there was again the obsessive digging under the yew tree – so I was sure that if things went the same way as last time, it wouldn’t be too long before it really started. She also had a drop in temperature, so she made final preparations and waited. Since she started panting more in the early afternoon, I thought that this time she wouldn’t wait until night to give birth. She didn’t want to accept any more food. Real contractions were not yet visible, but at around 5 p.m. a gush of clear fluid came out. After that nothing happened again and it didn’t seem completely normal to me. When I saw some greenish fluid after another 1.5 hours, I knew it wasn’t a good sign and I immediately called the Oberhaching animal clinic. They said I should get going, as a caesarean section would probably be necessary. So we all got into the car and at Erding my mom (who was monitoring what was happening in the trunk) said THERE’S A PUPPY!! He was fit, crawled around and drank. Phew, the all-clear again. Down Freising, checked at the back, called Oberhaching that the first puppy had been born and I wasn’t coming after all, and headed back home. The first girl was born at home. Then nothing happened again for a long time… about an hour later there was a lot of fluid again, then calm. I supported Yumi with goat’s milk porridge and glucose; she was clearly exhausted. Another 2 hours later she started pushing and pushing and pushing very hard. Then the second girl was born. As soon as I came out I saw that the cover was open. The little one showed no signs of life and we encouraged her, sucked fluid out of her nose and mouth and rubbed it, but nothing could be done. Outwardly healthy, I assume she was in the birth canal for too long. Yumi wasn’t really interested in the little mouse either, she was already busy with the next puppy that came right after the girl (he probably pushed her out). Another hour later, male number 3 arrived and after I felt Yumi again I was sure that she was empty and the birth was over. Phew, every time it’s a thrill that I’ll probably never get used to…


Monday 27.06.2016

We all went to Dr. Trombach for follow-up examination. Yumi was injected with a small amount of oxytocin again to make sure that everything came out, if there was anything left in it. General condition of mom and the cloverleaf – great 😀


Wednesday 28.06.2016

After 2 days I can now say that the puppies seem happy. There are hardly any quarrels (unless you have to fight over one of the teats). Yumi’s breasts are also good this time, no inflammation in sight and I hope it stays that way! It doesn’t look really full yet, but there seems to be enough milk because the B-lings gained weight for the first time today and are all either back to their birth weight or are already over it. I am very pleased.


Saturday 02.07.2016

Yumi has pretty bad diarrhea… she is given Dia Tabs and grated apple. I suspect the yew tree, which she still loves to dig under. But it doesn’t just stop at digging, it also bites through roots. That’s why there’s now a ban on yew trees!!


Monday 04.07.2016

Thank God the diarrhea is a thing of the past, maybe it was actually the yew tree. The main thing is that everything is good again 🙂


Tuesday 05.07.2016

A little video from Mr. Green and Mr. Blue


Wednesday 06.07.2016

Today on day 10 all 4 minis have doubled their birth weights. The easiest Mr. Blue had already done this yesterday, now the others have followed suit. Everyone is doing well, no eyes are open yet. Maybe it’s because of the early birth date?
Another video from Jackie our girl and Mr. Orange


Friday 08.07.2016

Day 12, all the minis have now broken the 1 kg mark. Mr. Blue was the first to open his eyes a little this morning. Here’s a little video “from the litter box”


Saturday 09.07.2016

The B-s are now 13 days old and have had their first worm treatment. Everyone survived well 😉


Monday 11.07.2016

It’s damn hot today and the dwarves are suffering a lot… good thing it’s supposed to cool down soon! Here’s another video on day 15


Wednesday 13.07.2016

The minis are slowly becoming mobile and starting to react to noises. Today on day 17 there was the first ground beef meal, Jackie, Mr. Blue and Mr. Orange gratefully accepted these. Only Mr. Green didn’t want to try anything today.


Thursday 21.07.2016

Now 25 days old! The litter box will be left one or two times and the surroundings will be explored. The dwarves can also slurp from little bowls 🙂


Sunday 24.07.2016

The cloverleaf is now 4 weeks old again, half way so to speak! Time flies. Today there was the 2nd worm treatment.


Thursday 28.07.2016

Since today the pack has been outside in the morning. Most of the time it gets too hot around midday and we go back inside. They are becoming more and more mobile and it won’t be long until the first one finds their way outside through the dog flap on their own 😉


Friday 29.07.2016

There is a video from today of the now 33 day old gang with their big half-sister Gem


Saturday 30.07.2016

ALL 4 B’s went outside alone this morning behind Yumi. Business was being done diligently there and (I’m thrilled!!) everyone managed the way back inside all by themselves and without any “preliminary gymnasts”.


Wednesday 03.08.2016

Today the B-s made their first trip to a small stream and into the forest. They couldn’t really enjoy it because of the heat. They found the stream interesting and one or two of them already had their paws in the cool water 😉


Thursday 04.08.2016

The dress rehearsal for the still pictures at 6 weeks is quite impressive in my opinion. Here is a picture of the B’s at 5.5 weeks


Saturday 06.08.2016

The ball house has finally been set up and the dwarves are having fun


Tuesday 09.08.2016

A little video from Gem and Jackie, the two of them are like a pot and a lid 😉


Wednesday 10.08.2016

Yumi probably thinks I’m not feeding her puppies enough, she DEFINITELY wanted to go to the little ones after they were fed and spit it all back out to them… the dwarves were thrilled – I wasn’t so much… the same game again the next day. Since then there have been no more visits directly after Yumi’s feeding!


Saturday 13.08.2016

Tomorrow the minis will be 7 weeks old again and a week later the litter will be accepted. Time is just flying by. Jackie has mutated into a little water rat 😉


Monday 15.08.2016

Today the clover was allowed to go on a little trip with her half-sister Gem. They were totally flat afterwards – no wonder given THE temperatures and how much they ran…


Tuesday 23.08.2016

The first dwarf was picked up today. TreasureYarden’s Blackbird (Jackie) began her journey to her new home in Munich.


Sunday 28.08.2016

Second was TreasureYarden’s Black Woodpecker (Cash) picked up today, I hope you have fun with your new pack of little boys!


Wednesday 31.08.2016

The last of the B’s went to his new home in Munich today. My lovely TreasureYarden’s Black Kite (Monty) don’t completely turn your new family upside down 😉 Have fun with the boy!