11.06.2014 Yumi is in heat since today
13.06.2014 bacteriological examination
17.06.2014 no bacterial cultures have grown, so no further pre-treatment is necessary
20.06.2014 10th day: Progesterone test (mornings), value at < 0.2 ng/mL
23.06.2014 13th day: Progesterone test (mornings), value at 1.7 ng/mL
25.06.2014 15th day: Progesterone test (mornings), value at 6.9 ng/mL
26./27.06.2014 16th/17th day: Yumi is mated to Widge
04.07.2014 1st Herpes vaccination
19.07.2014 Ultrasound appointment: We are expecting puppies! 😀
21.07.2014 4th week (25th day)
waist: 62cm, weight: 26kg
Yumi has been very fussy with her food for a few days now and also has some nausea.
26.07.2014 5th week (30th day)
waist: 63cm, weight: 27kg

Yumi’s nausea has passed and her hunger has returned.
01.08.2014 6th week (36th day)
waist: 65cm, weight: 28kg
08.08.2014 7th week (43th day)
waist: 70cm, weight: 29kg
10.08.2014 The first time one of the minis can be clearly felt in Yumi’s belly. Has really boxed 🙂
15.08.2014 8th week (50th day)
waist: 76cm, weight: 30kg
18.08.2014 2nd Herpes vaccination
X-ray appointment – how many spinal columns do you count? I come up with 8 possibly 9 🙂
22.08.2014 9th week (57th day)
waist: 80cm, weight: 31,4kg

Increase (day25-57): +18cm / +5,4kg
On 26.08.2014 our A-Litter was born – 6 Pups (5 bitches, 1 dog)