Puppy diary

On 26.08.2014

11 days ago, the TY’s A little ones saw the light of day. I wanted to briefly summarise what happened during this time.
The weekend before Yumi was still totally normal, had a normal appetite and her temperature dropped a little (I didn’t take her temperature that often, I didn’t want to annoy her unnecessarily…).


Monday 25.08.2014

then the first change, she started digging, digging and digging under the yew tree. She was really obsessive o.O. The hole that was already there became bigger and bigger and when she decided to come out she was totally knocked out. There was no sign of panting yet, Franzi was already on her way from Berlin and I also informed Moni about Yumi’s “change” in the afternoon 😉 Monday evening then the first smaller panting, but not so heavy. Yumi wanted to go out all the time and thought she had to defecate, by the way, she still ate with a good appetite! Franzi has now arrived and after eating and chatting we decided to go to bed at around 11.00 pm because Yumi seemed very calm again and slept in her little bed. But there wasn’t much sleeping… Yumi immediately became restless when I tried to go to sleep, got up, wanted to go out… ok, I got up again and took her out, then back in. Laid down again. Yumi was restless again – then I thought to myself, ok I’ll lie down in the dog bed with her – that worked! At least a little (about 1 1/2 hours). From 01:00 Yumi then became REALLY restless and also panted a lot. I had to close her dog flap otherwise she would have been out all the time. After a bit of waiting and watching, I was quite sure that it was about to start. So I woke Franzi up 🙂 The two of us waited another 1 1/2 hours together with Yumi, who was now standing in front of her dog flap panting and scratching. Apparently she wanted to have her babies under the yew tree in the garden. Then I rang Moni with the message – Moni I think it’s starting now!!! My mum was also woken up. Yumi was in labour and the first puppy was born shortly after 04:00! Yumi immediately started eating the afterbirth and unwrapping the puppy. When the first cry sounded – that was really great!!! After 4 hours all 6 minis were born.
I am so grateful and happy that the birth went well.


Thursday 28.08.2014

the first shock – Yumi’s first two teats from the front looked really awful. They were reddened, open, thickened and very hot. I decided that I wanted to consult a vet immediately – my biggest fear was mastitis and that Yumi would no longer be allowed to suckle her puppies… The vet took milk from each teat and looked at it under the microscope. There were far too many white blood cells, a sign that a change was taking place and the body was reacting to it. However, none of the milk was bacterially altered or purulent (thank goodness !!!!). Yumi was put on antibiotics and the minis were allowed to continue drinking. The vet said the reason was that Yumi had so-called slip teats in the front, the minis had to pull very hard on them, which was probably painful for her and she wanted to pull the teats back up, which also caused the milk to build up. In the meantime, however, everything is fine again! The open areas are slowly healing, I don’t think there is any more milk coming from the first teat from the front on either side, at least the minis hardly go to it, which was also good for healing. The teats are smeared several times a day with marigold milk fat. Toi toi toi, hopefully it will stay like this until the end 🙂


Friday 05.09.2014

the minis’ first attempts at walking captured in a video 😀


Saturday 06.09.2014

3 of the 6 minis – Mrs Green, Mrs Orange and Mrs White – have opened their eyes a little!!! The other 3 will surely follow soon.


Sunday 07.09.2014

the minis were allowed to practise slurping goat’s milk for the first time. Some of them are already doing quite well 😉 Practice makes perfect!


Tuesday 09.09.2014

Today we gave the little rascals their first worming treatment. They all survived it well, it doesn’t seem to have tasted that bad. At least nobody protested. They’ve also had a portion of tartar since Tuesday evening – it tastes delicious!!!


Friday 12.09.2014

Unfortunately the weather is very cloudy today and I can’t get a decent picture together, so here’s a little video of the minis and their birthday mummy as a consolation 🙂


Saturday 13.09.2014

another video, the minis after slurping goat’s milk


Monday 15.09.2014

Today the minis (whoever wanted to) were allowed to crawl out of the whelping box for the first time 🙂


Friday 19.09.2014

In the meantime the whelping box is open as Mr Blue almost broke out 😉 The little teeth of all minis have broken through and today they were allowed to sniff fresh air for the first time for 5 minutes on the terrace. Here is a little video of the battle of the “titans”


Tuesday 23.09.2014

the minis are entering their 5th week of life today, it’s half time :O It’s all happening so fast… Today they were wormed again and in the meantime the puppy mash is also gratefully accepted as you can see on the video! 🙂 The girls now weigh between 2065g and 2185g and Benji has 2435g, today the minis were wormed again, which they didn’t like at all this time…


Wednesday 01.10.2014

the play area outside is soooo great 😀


Sunday 05.10.2014

We are now in the middle of the 6th week of life and the time to move out is getting closer and closer! Today the little ones were allowed to go for a nice adventure walk in the neighbouring forest 🙂


Thursday 16.10.2014

The minis are now in their 8th week of life and are growing and thriving magnificently! I have already put together a little video (dwarfs in fast motion). In just a few days the first mouse will move out, Ruby will get to know her new home!


Friday 17.10.2014

Today was a great day for the minis!
In the morning we had a visit from the uncle doctor and all the munchkins were chipped and vaccinated. In the afternoon we had a visit from Sandra Meschede to check the litter. I am very happy about her report:
“Beautiful homogeneous litter from hunting performance breeding; trusting and friendly puppies; mother dog and puppies fit, well-fed and well cared for; well thought-out rearing by the new breeder – keep up the good work!”


Tuesday 21.10.2014

The little ones are exactly 8 weeks old today and TreasureYarden’s A.J. Ruby Tuesday was collected first.


Saturday 25.10.2014

TreasureYarden’s A.J. Bella was the next one to move out.


Sunday 26.10.2014

On Sunday TreasureYarden’s A.J. Ziva went on her journey to Berlin.


Friday 31.10.2014

TreasureYarden’s A.J. Gina was taken to her new home.


Sunday 02.11.2014

Was then also taken the little prince TreausreYarden’s A.J. Benji and made his way home to Switzerland.