Together with Ruby, from the A-litter, Dot will make the dummy world unsafe. Let’s see what the future has in store for him, maybe there will be something more to come in terms of hunting.

Photogalery Dot

Dot passed the APD/R A (DRC) with 71/80 points, very good!

WT Results

03.03.2024 WT (intern) der BZG 8 Mainz-Wiesbaden (A) 4th place excellent 94/100 points
14.04.2024 WT Nessetal Cup (A) 4th place excellent 94/100 points
20.04.2024 WT Mělník CZ (Beginners – L) 13th place very good 66/80 points
05.05.2024 WT Westwärts (A) cancelled