Together with his aunt Ziva and Amy, Leroy will be able to make Berlin unsafe in the future and will preferably be allowed to work with dummys.

Photogalery Leroy

Leroy’s findings of hip, elbow and shoulder came back from the expert today, the yellow is absolutely healthy!
HD A1, ED 0, OCD clear.

Leroy passed the APD/R A (DRC) with 73/80 points, very good!

Leroy passed the BHP/R

Shape value, judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel:
Ideal size, macular head, medium brown eyes, excellently carried coat, very expressive! Excellent conformation, correct in all parts. Excellent movement.

Leroy had his behavior test, judge Maika Markgraf
The male dog is particularly keen to move today. He is friendly in contact with strangers. He enthusiastically responds to every game offered to him. He is very interested in prey. He runs the course with ease. He shows interest and lingers briefly. The male dog is gunproof.

Leroy passed the Munkavizsga Bírálati Lap (MBL) in Hungary (hungarian BLP, cold game test).


WT Results

21.08.2021 WT Roudnice nad Labem CZ (Beginners – L) 12th place very good 85/100 points
22.08.2021 WT Roudnice nad Labem CZ (Beginners – L) 9th place very good 82/100 points
25.09.2021 WT Milovice CZ (Beginners – L) 6th place good 98/120 points
26.09.2021 WT Milovice CZ (Novice – M) failed 56/120 points
20.08.2022 WT Roudnice nad Labem CZ (Beginners – L) 10th place very good 67/80 points
21.08.2022 WT Roudnice nad Labem CZ (Novice – M) failed 54/80 points
18.09.2022 WT Milovice CZ (Novice – M) failed 41/100 points
05.11.2022 WT (intern) Dummy Lovers Trophy (F) 2nd place excellent 92/100 points
16.06.2023 DT Konopiště CZ (Novice) n.c.
18.06.2023 WT Konopiště CZ (Novice – M) failed 52/80 points