Bliss will certainly soon be helping Jeannie fetching dummies 🙂 And as she lives not far from Leroy in Berlin, the two of them see each other regularly.

Photogalery Bliss

According to her owners, Bliss was always lame. The vet diagnosed panostitis after the first visit. However, as it didn’t really want to get better, an appointment was made at Dr Reif’s veterinary clinic to find out exactly what was wrong with Bliss. The first thing the doctor noticed was that her kneecap was dislocated when she was on the treatment table. Both dislocations could be triggered outwards (laterally). She was also conspicuous in one elbow. It was a shock that no other vet had noticed this with the kneecaps, but the cause had to be clarified first.
X-rays and CT images were taken. Based on these images, it was clear that Bliss had FCP in the right elbow and the reason for the patella luxation was now also clear: Bliss’ femur had grown twisted in on itself. As a result, the top of the kneecap was displaced by a few degrees and when moving, the traction came from the wrong angle, causing the kneecaps to dislocate. Thankfully, the shoulders and hip joints looked fine.
Bliss underwent surgery on 3 legs on the same day, arthroscopy on the elbow and the back of the kneecap was moved on both sides and fixed with 3 pins.
She should now be kept quiet for 6 weeks so that everything can heal nicely.

One of Bliss’ hind legs is now inconspicuous, the other was conspicuous relatively soon after the knee operation, it was thick and had to be punctured once to remove fluid. After it was better at first and then became thick again, a control x-ray was taken.
On the one side that was so thick, one of the pins had moved outwards and was disturbing the surrounding tissue. As this pin had probably not held anything for some time anyway, it was simply pulled out.
The culprit!
Since the pin was removed, Bliss has been feeling better every day and can hardly be stopped.

Bliss had her last check-up with Dr Reif, all pins were removed. She is still doing great and I hope it stays that way for a loooong time!!!

We met in Berlin for a training weekend, Bliss is still doing great. We can continue with dummy training bit by bit 🙂

I think she has become a pretty young lady! She was already in heat for the first time in December. Keep up the good work Katharina and Bliss 😍

Bliss passed the APD/R A (DRC) with 55/80 points, good!

Bliss passed the BHP/R


WT Results

21.08.2021 WT Roudnice nad Labem CZ (Beginners – L) 20th place passed 69/100 points
22.08.2021 WT Roudnice nad Labem CZ (Beginners – L) 12th place good 76/100 points
25.09.2021 WT Milovice CZ (Beginners – L) failed 49/120 points
26.09.2021 WT Milovice CZ (Novice – M) failed 27/120 points
20.08.2022 WT Roudnice nad Labem CZ (Beginners – L) 10th place very good 67/80 points
21.08.2022 WT Roudnice nad Labem CZ (Novice – M) failed 37/80 points
18.09.2022 WT Milovice CZ (Novice – M) failed 62/100 points
16.06.2023 DT Konopiště CZ (Novice) el.
18.06.2023 WT Konopiště CZ (Novice – M) failed 53/80 points
18.06.2023 WT Mělník CZ (Novice – M) failed 39/80 points