Solo moves in with his aunt Ruby and Joker and will be doing some dummy work. I wish you all the best, Annette, and look forward to your future together!

Photogalery Solo

After Solo had been lame from time to time and his sister Bliss had already had an appointment at Dr Reif’s veterinary clinic, Solo was finally to be examined on the same day to find out exactly what was wrong. Solo was to have a CT scan of his elbows and an X-ray of his hips and shoulders. He was abnormal on both elbows during the initial examination and the CT scan also showed FCP on both sides… Solo’s shoulders and hips looked fine.

He underwent arthroscopy on both sides on the same day to remove the broken pieces from his joint. After 2 weeks on a lead and rest, he was gradually allowed to move around again. He now goes to the physio regularly and is also allowed on the underwater treadmill, which he really loves!
An appointment has been made at Hofheim Veterinary Clinic on 4th of October to find out more about ACP injections and stem cells. I’m keeping all my fingers crossed for Solo !!!!

The doctor in Hofheim was very pleased with Solo’s overall condition. He advised not to do an ACP injection for the time being as Solo’s condition was so good. However, it remains an alternative for the future.

Solo also took part in our training weekend in Berlin and was able to show what he’s made of. Annette is now slowly starting with dummy work and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he remains stable! He is full of beans and can hardly be stopped.

Solo is a cheerful character and very motivated, it’s really fun to watch Annette and him ❤️