Hajrá lived in our pack for the first 3 years, then by chance (maybe it was a coincidence 🤔 ) I met Hilde, who was looking for a bitch that had already been x-rayed. As my mind had been telling me for a long time that I couldn’t collect dogs and of course I wanted to keep something from my own offspring, I decided with a heavy heart to give Hajrá to Hilde. I really love this little, somewhat special dog and hope that she settles in well with Hilde and Hero in Bocholt and always puts a smile on Hilde’s face – just like she did with me before!!!

Photogalery Hajrá

Hajrá passed the JP/R (LCD, cold game test) with 382 Punkten, excellent and 1st place

Hajrá’s x-ray result came back from the expert today, the little moth is absolutely healthy!
HD A1, ED 0, OCD clear.

Shape value, judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel:
Small bitch with feminine head, medium brown eyes and very well carried coat. Very well built body, but somewhat long, firm back, good croup, very good angulations. Moves freely.
very good

WT Results

12.06.2021 WT Mělník CZ (Beginners – L) good 78/100 10th place
13.06.2021 WT Mělník CZ (Beginners – L) excellent 92/100 1st place – Judges Choice
20.06.2021 WT Am Saugraben (A) excellent 91/100 7th place
21.08.2021 WT Roudnice nad Labem CZ (Beginners – L) very good 88/100 10th place
25.09.2021 WT Milovice CZ (Beginners – L) very good 101/120 4th place
26.09.2021 WT Milovice CZ (Novice – M) excellent 110/120 1st place – Judges Choice
01.10.2022 WT RTT 40/100 failed


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