Caper, my little “Curly”, is living now with a big Labi brother and a big flat brother. He will also be doing dummy work. I am very happy for you Christoph!

Photogalery Caper


Caper passed the BHP at the VdH Westhausen.


Shape value, judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel:
Ideal size, macular head, excellent skull and muzzle, dark eyes, excellently carried coat, typical charisma, excellent anatomy, correct in all details. Moves fluently with excellent tail carriage.

Caper had his behavior test, judge Brigitte Weber
A persistent male dog, very keen to work and very interested in his surroundings.

WT Results

17.09.2022 WT Praxmar, Tirol (L) failed 20/80 points