Black Swift

Zippo has been living with Moni, Ruslan and Flynn since the end of December 2022 – he is doing very well there. A prince’s place 🙂

Photogalery Zippo

Zippo had his eyes checked today – everything is fine 🙂

Zippo had his behavior test, judge Klaus Karrenberg
The 15-month-old male Labrador showed very pronounced movement behaviour. He is very spirited. He is very persistent in his pursuit of a goal (search). The play behaviour is present in a pronounced form. The prey behaviour has become visible in a very pronounced form, he carries and fetches joyfully. His bonding and subordination behaviour is very good. Friendly, confident and very trusting in contact with strangers. He behaved confidently in the side position and in the alley. The male dog is gun-safe. He behaved confidently in the visual field as well as in the acoustic field.

WT Results

16.06.2018 WT A (Nová Včelnice , CZ) 58/100 failed
04.08.2018 WT A (Čelákovice , CZ) very good 69/80 5th place
19.05.2019 WT A (Judgementday) excellent 113/120 1st place
03.08.2019 WT A (Konopiště, CZ) 60/100
19./20.10.2019 WT Finale A (DRC Finale) aborted 56/160


birthday videos

Zippo’s 2nd birthday