Black Woodpecker

Cash has been living in beautiful Bühl near Baden-Baden since January 2017. Time will tell to what extent he is able to cope, if all goes well Cash can go hunting with Andy.

Photogalery Cash

After a long period of lameness, Cash underwent an all-round check. After x-rays of the shoulders and hips and a CT scan of the elbows, the following diagnosis was made:
OCD shoulder bds, OCD + FCP elbow bds and hip left Norberg angle < 90° :(
As the OCD scales on the shoulders have not yet detached, there is hope that they will fuse completely. Cash’s elbows were arthroscoped and the fragments were easily removed. The first hip operation is due in 2 weeks, a DBO (triple pelvic osteotomy) will be performed on both sides to hopefully preserve as much of the hip joint as possible.

Today was the 1st operation on Cash’s hips, a double pelvic osteotomy on the worse left side. He came through the operation very well!





Today was the 2nd operation on Cash’s hips, a double pelvic osteotomy on the right side. Once again he came through the operation very well! Now he has to wait and heal a little and then he can finally romp around again 😀



Cash had an eye examination today – everything was fine 🙂

Cash is doing really well now, he can run and keeps Andy and Sabine on their toes 😉 The photo was taken during our holiday together in England (November 2017), as you can see he is enjoying life. I am very, very happy about it!!!

WT Results

01.09.2018 WT (intern) 3. Elwetritsche (Schnupper) passed
18.05.2019 WT (intern) Schäufele Cup (Schnupper) failed