Jackie is also staying in the neighbourhood and will be doing some dummy work as a second dog with “half-aunt” Audrey.

Photogalery Jackie

Jackie has settled in really well and makes Johanna very happy!

We arranged to meet Johanna and Jackie for a little training session, and the following video was made. Real little speedster 🙂

Jackie was at a training with Oliver Kiraly in Hungary, one day I filmed a bit 🙂

Jackie had her behaviour test, judge Franziska Hartmann
The 6-year-old bitch is friendly towards people. She shows a constant, slightly submissive expression throughout. She loves to play and retrieves and searches with great motivation. She runs the course independently.

WT Results

23.06.2018 WT Malbun (A) failed 27/100 points
24.06.2018 WT Malbun (A) 15th place passed 63/100 points
02.09.2018 WT Munich Cup (A) failed 76/100 points
08.09.2018 WT Praxmar, Tirol (L) failed 57/80 points
19.05.2019 WT Judgementday (A) 7th place excellent 109/120 points
30.06.2019 WT Aichach (F) failed 48/100 points
31.08.2019 WT Munich Cup (F) failed 72/100 points
14.09.2019 WT Praxmar, Tirol (M) failed 52/80 points
05.10.2019 WT Pillersee, Tirol (M) failed 49/80 points
17.09.2022 WT Praxmar, Tirol (M) failed 27/80 points
18.09.2022 WT Praxmar, Tirol (S) aborted 0/80 points