A.J. Ziva

From now on Ziva will make Berlin unsafe and will be allowed to work with dummys (possibly later also with game).

Photogalery Ziva

Ziva has already been allowed to practise on a food track twice and has mastered it very well 🙂 She also behaves well at university and in everyday life.

Some pictures from the litter meeting


Ziva had her eyes checked today – everything is fine 🙂


Ziva passed the JP/R (cold game test) with 251 points!


Ziva passed the APD/R A (LCD) in Hamm with very good (65/80 points).


Ziva had her behavior test, judge Birgit Muhr
The 21-month-old Labrador bitch now shows a balanced temperament and movement behaviour. Play behaviour is shown above all when retrieving. She has stamina when pursuing targets and is very attentive to her owner. Her prey and carrying behaviour is very pronounced. She enthusiastically retrieves all objects into your hand. She has a very trusting bond with her owner and is happy to subordinate herself. She is friendly towards people. She is trusting in confining situations. She is confident at the gunshot. She is fully resilient in the visual and acoustic areas.
Very nice report, she is clearly a child of her mum 😉


Ziva passed the BHP/R from DRC with excellent 80/80 points!


Franzi and Ziva did the Dummy A a second time, this time from the DRC and passed it with (68/80 points) and the 3rd place.


Shape value with Assenmacher-Feyel:
Good size, feminine head, somewhat light, dark eyes, large, well carried ears, expressive, body overall somewhat light and long in the loin, croup very round, very good angulations. Moves well.
very good


WT Results

19.03.2016 WT Jíloviště CZ (Novice – L) 9th place very good 136/160 points
14.08.2016 WT Lossatal Cup (A) 17th place very good 105/120 points
03.09.2016 WT Newcomer Trophy (A) 4th place very good 93/100 points
24.09.2016 WT Liebenberg (A) 9th place good 91/120 points
08.04.2017 WT Liebenberg (F) failed 32/100 points
13.05.2017 WT Dresden (F) failed 78/120 points
15.07.2017 WT Clauert Cup (F) 22th place good 80/100 points
30.09.2017 WT Thüringer Workingtest (F) 6th place good 79/100 points
01.10.2017 MT Thüringer Workingtest (Novice) n.c.
14.10.2017 WT Rügener Workingtest (F) 4th place runoff excellent 91/100 points
05.11.2017 WT Happy Helper Cup (F) 5th place good 88/120 points
08.04.2018 WT Klam OÖ (S) 15th place passed 45/80 points
06.10.2018 WT Kohle Cup (O) 8th place good 76/100 points
07.10.2018 WT Kohle Cup Team (O) 3rd place 180/240 points
26.09.2021 WT Milovice CZ (O) 7th place good 95/120 points
19./20.03.2022 German Cup Team (O) 32th place 372/600 points