A.J. Gemstone

Gem will stay with Yumi and me and for the time being will mainly be kept busy in with dummys, but we’ll see if there are any hunting activities waiting for her in the next few months.

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Photogalery Gem

Gem had her eyes checked today – everything is fine 🙂

Gem passed the JP/R (Cold Game test) with 257 points!

Gem had her behavior test, judge Klaus Karrenberg
The 15-month-old Labrador dog was very active throughout the test. Her play behaviour is very pronounced. She is attentive and persistent. Her prey behaviour is very pronounced. She carries and fetches (the bitch searches). She has a very good bond and willingness to be subordinate. Very trusting and confident in contact with strangers (sometimes pushy). She is completely confident when lying on her side and in the alley. She is completely confident in the visual and acoustic field. She is gun proof.

Gem passed the 800m long track in Perasdorf/Untermühlbach in 5.14 Min

Gem passed the BLP in Auerbach near Augsburg with 339 points and 3rd place

For more of Gem’s test results, simply visit her –> exam page <-- directly 🙂