A.J. Benji

Benji now lives in Switzerland and will be trained as an assistance dog there. He is supposed to help his owner with her epilepsy. I will continue to report here!

Photogalery Benji

Benji now has his own blog in which Cornelia will report on both their lives in diary form * Mein Freund BENJI * Benji has already reacted twice to Cornelia’s approaching epileptic seizure, it’s like a miracle!!!

I have heard unbelievable things from Benji again, he didn’t want Cornelia to leave the house, but she wouldn’t be dissuaded and then had a fit at the bus stop. Benji barked loudly and, according to eyewitnesses, ran to a woman waiting for the bus and dragged her to Cornelia by her shopping bag. Then he lay down next to Cornelia, waited until she came round and licked her face. But it’s best to read the whole story for yourself in Benjis Blog!!!

Benji and Cornelia have had a good start to the new year, Benji has been to the vet and Cornelia has described a normal day with Benji in her blog – it’s so nice how the two of them stick together!

Benji and Cornelia are doing well, we hope to find a date for the litter meeting 🙂