A.J. Ruby Tuesday

Ruby is now being kept busy in with dummys, her owner Annette has noticed that the green bags make Ruby’s eyes light up and has therefore “switched over” from the rescue dogs section.

Annette about Ruby:
Little Ruby really is a ray of sunshine. She wakes up in the morning in a good mood and infects everyone with it. She is so enthusiastic and talented in training. She learns really quickly. She is already great at staying alone at home or waiting in the car during training. Sometimes she’s a bit too impulsive, but she’ll learn that too. She is soooo sweet, really.

Photogalery Ruby

Ruby is already busy training 😉 Here is a little video of Annette and Ruby on a weather walk!

6 months, 52 cm, 18,1 kg


Some photos from the litter meeting

Ruby had their eyes checked today – great result: everything is fine!!!

Ruby had her behavior test with the judge Brigitte Weber
The 14-month-old bitch is spirited and has very pronounced movement behaviour. She is fearless, very attentive and persistent. She is very interested in prey, carries her prey and brings it to her owner immediately. Her relationship with her owner is very good and trusting. Her willingness to be subordinate is very good. She is trusting, friendly and confident with people. She enjoys lying on her side. She is confident and attentive at the gunshot. She watches the visual and acoustic stimuli of the course with interest.
A cheerful, friendly bitch who stands out due to her persistent nose work.

Very nice judgement!!

Ruby passed the JP/R (cold game test) with 265 points and 1st place!

Ruby passed the APD/R A (DRC) with 68/80 points, very good and 1st place

Shape value with Gisela Werner:
Friendly feminine black bitch, so called working type, very good head, dark eyes, firm back, correct angulations, ground covering, springy movement.
very good

WT Results

19.03.2016 WT (intern) Wäller Wind (Schnupper) 7th place very good 89/100 points
23.04.2016 WT (intern) Gundog’s Choice Workingtest (Schnupper) 3rd place very good
26.11.2016 Weihnachts WT (intern) auf dem Klaukenhof (A) 11th place very good 69/80 points
19.03.2017 WT (intern) Wäller Wind (A) 25th place good 73/100 points
01.04.2017 WT (intern) Gundog’s Choice Workingtest (A) 24th place good 72/100 points
27.05.2017 WT (intern) Team-Worker (A) 1st place very good 107/120 points
04.06.2017 WT (intern) Catwiesel Event (A) 11th place very good 86/100 points
24.09.2017 WT (intern) Candee Workingtest (A) 5th place very good 102/120 points
30.09.2017 WT Thüringer Workingtest (A) 6th place good 76/100 points
02.12.2017 WT (intern) Team Worker Cup (F) 2nd place good 94/120 points
11.03.2018 WT Spessart Cup (A) 1st place excellent 113/120 points
08.04.2018 WT Klam, OÖ (M) 18th place passed 43/80 points
14.04.2018 WT Auf dem Hohberg (F) 3rd place very good 99/120 points
05.05.2018 CWT (intern) Wiesbaden (F) 13th place very good 85/100 points
02.06.2018 RTT (intern) Lohmar (F) 3rd place runoff excellent 95/100 points
14.07.2018 WT Stormy Weather (F) 6th place very good 86/100 points
09.09.2018 WT (intern) Meradog Retriever Tour (F) 5th place very good 84/100 points
09.09.2018 DRC Workingtest Finale (F) failed 93/140 points
06.10.2018 WT Kohle Cup (F) failed 73/100 points
07.10.2018 WT Kohle Cup Team (F) 3rd place 180/240 points
10.11.2018 GRC Meradog WT Finale (F) 4th place good 66/100 points
23.03.2019 WT Großheubach LCD (O) failed 67/100 points
24.08.2019 WT Marmor Cup (O) failed 81/120 points
31.08.2019 MT Wommelshausen (N) elim.
12.10.2019 Göttinger WT (O) 13th place good 79/100 points
19./20.03.2022 German Cup Team (O) 32th place 372/600 points
21.08.2022 WT Roudnice nad Labem CZ (Open – S) failed 47/80 points