A.J. Gina EN

Gina will go hunting in the future!

Photogalery Gina

I heard from Gina that she is also through with the change of teeth. The girls are really fast!

Some photos from Gina at the litter meeting.

Gina passes the dressage test and the general usability test for hunting.

I received some not so good news from Gina this evening. FCP was suspected on both sides and so she has ED 2/2. Apparently there were also deposits on the joint. Gina has never been lame before and I was quite shocked when I got the call.
For the time being, no further action is to be taken, not even a CT scan to clarify whether a fragment is actually present or not. This is understandable for me, I would only consider a CT scan if I would definitely have an operation afterwards in case something was found. But to operate on the joint of a dog that is not lame ?! There are different opinions on this from – absolutely and IMMEDIATELY so that the fragment (should it be present) cannot damage the joint further – to – never surgery, in most cases such a fragment is encapsulated and causes no problems.
I hope that Gina belongs to the second “type” and remains pain-free!!!

We have met Gina kennel meeting in Baden Baden again. She is still doing super well 🙂